Sometimes we just have to stop what we’re doing.


We’ve been taught an industrialized method for living our best lives. We’re graded in school, given quotas as adults, and benchmarks to reach for retirement. This book turns conventional success principles upside down. It shakes them out, takes a look at what’s valuable and what we can discard, and what we can do better. 

The Lyceum Method was born out of my frustration with traditional goal-setting. “SMART Goals” (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, Time-bound Goals) left me on a roller-coaster of ups and downs in my life. My relationships suffered. My business suffered. I suffered. I decided to trash the whole idea of setting goals and I’ve never been happier! 

This is not a call to give up on success or achievement. Quite the opposite, it is a fresh new approach to achieving more while stressing less so that you too, can Love All Your Life. 

Now Available in Kindle and Paperpack HERE.



The Lyceum Method Course Journal: A companion journal to Stop Setting Goals!

Set for release by the end of 2020, The Lyceum Method Course Journal is a gentle, daily prompting journal that guides you into the practices of The Lyceum Method. 

We’ll be releasing each days’ prompt from the journal for FREE on the blog right here. Just click on the Category: Daily Prompts and you’ll have access to the entire first edition of this journal. 


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