We currently have three courses in the works: 

The Lyceum Method 

6-Weeks to Drawing on the Mind

Indian Clubs 101

The Lyceum Method

In our book, Stop Setting Goals: Learn The Lyceum Method, you can read about Cody’s personal journey of discovering alternative success theories. He dubbed them, “The Lyceum Method.” 

The first iteration of this course will be offered for free on our blog under the category “Daily Prompts”. The companion to the original is a course-journal. The publication of this course is TBA, but we are releasing the first draft for free as a daily blog post. 

Based on the feedback we receive of this series, we will make edits and publish the journal. Afterwhich, we will record supporting media and lessons to be integrated into a fully interactive online course. 

Drawing On The Mind

This is a 6-week online drawing course, adapted from one that Cody has taught live. The secret to drawing is not learning how to draw, it’s learning how to see. 

This course will get you there faster than you ever thought possible. 

Indian Clubs 101

Learn the ancient martial art of Indian Clubs and experience the unique physical and emotional benefits of this mindful practice. 

Again, this course is an online adaptation of a course that Cody has taught live. 

Future courses offered through The Lyceum could include:

  • Financial Independence for Normal People
  • Permaculture and Sustainable, Independent Living
  • Nutrition Mindset- Your Relationship With Food

All of our courses are currently in various stages of creation. Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions or comments! 

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