• Cody Limbaugh posted an update 1 month ago

    Tali and I have been playing with a new morning routine. We’re each a little different so I’ll let her share her own stuff, but it’s been incredible.

    Here’s mine:
    Wake up with the sun (6:30 – 7:30) usually 7am but no alarm.

    Make decaf and start a fire as needed.

    Go outside (even if it’s cold) and do a max effort set of pushups. This wakes me up for what’s next.

    10 ish minutes meditation with the Waking Up App.

    5-15 minutes of Hebrew Lessons with Duo Lingo App.

    Lyceum Method Journal Practice.

    Read 10 minutes in an inspiring book (currently Seth Godin’s latest, previous was Steven Pressfield, before that, the artists way, before that big magic by Elizabeth Gilbert)

    Write for 90 minutes.

    Toward the end of my writing I down some carbs, breakfast cereal or something to fuel training.

    Tali and I go downstairs to our gym and train for 90 minutes, Indian clubs, boxing, and weightlifting.

    Lunch (or second breakfast, if you will.)

    The rest of the day is project work; ranch stuff, remodeling the apartment stuff, admin for the Lyceum, etc…

    I have many more practices in motion, but I started out by calling it a Morning Routine so I’ll stop there.

    Life has massively improved in the few weeks that we’ve been doing this.

    • I’m just seeing this! This is beautiful!!! I love seeing your new morning routine. So much goodness packed in.

      • Thanks, Randi! It was great for a couple of months but with spring coming in, and Tali working new jobs, we’ve had to shift a bit. I made a video about it tonight that I’ll post here soon.

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