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The Lyceum membership gives you:

  • Access to our Private Mentorship and Support groups. YOU are the real value here. It’s not us. It’s not even our writing. In our Private Mentorship and Support groups, you’ll get to meet other members, establish real connections, and grow from Mentorship opportunities with other members. The Lyceum Community is a social-media-like platform where you will be able to connect and collaborate with other members. No ads. No selling. None of the BS of other social media sites. This is a private platform fully supported by its members.
  • Get involved in private support groups within the larger Lyceum Community that focus on Personal Development, Authentic Connections, Entrepreneurialism, Financial Independence, Art, and Permaculture. As a member, you’ll be able to create your own private group for sharing, collaborating, and/or mentorship.
  • Audio Blogs So you can listen to my silky voice and random riffs on all topics we write about, the Lyceum includes an audio version of every blog post, some with additional commentary. 
  • Members-only content. Basically, I would write every day of my life, but I also have bills to pay. Your membership supports our ability to write more, so the more members we have, the more blog posts we’ll put out and the more books we’ll publish. At least half of the content we publish will only be accessible to members. 
  • Live access to Video Q&A’s. We want to get to know you. We’re big on fostering connection and we can’t do that with a one-way, top-down blog. So in addition to our private chat groups, we’ll hold periodic live video calls with all of our members. 
  • Indian Club Tutorials. Access the Foundations of Indian Clubs Course, as well as a growing catalog of tutorials for the art of Indian Clubs. This is a narrow niche’ skill that has huge pay-offs.
  • More Courses on the horizon, including: Learn The Lyceum Method, a 6-Week Drawing Course, Couch-to-CrossFit, and more!
  • Members see it here first. Live access to Podcast Interviews and advance copies of all of my books.
  • Opportunities to be a guest panelist on our live Podcasts. I love podcasts, but it drives me nuts when a guest says something I want to know more about and the host glosses over it and moves the conversation in a different direction. Members of The Lyceum will get the opportunity to ask my podcast guests follow-up questions at the end of each interview. You can either ask our guest directly or, if you’re shy about being on-air, you can type your question into the chat and we’ll ask for you! 
  • Invitation to attend in-person meet-ups and retreats. Our first Lyceum Retreat will be held in on our 400-acre family farm high in the Wallowa Mountains. Only members will be invited to attend.


Founding Member Opportunity

Our Founding Members will be part of a private Founders Club. We will offer new content collaborations to the Founders first. Founding Members will help direct the future of The Lyceum. Founding Members will get first invitations to Retreats (and perhaps even have Founders-Only Retreats!) 

Why pay for this? 

I once worked for a manager who encouraged me to “sling as much mud against the wall and see what sticks!” He was trying to get me to sell more mortgage refi loans. He didn’t care how much I had to work as long as I was making him look good to his bosses.

I’m not interested in that anymore. I’m not interested in casting a wide net to see how many fish I can catch. I’m also not interested in being broke and happy. (I’m being real with you- I’d rather be financially secure and happy.)

The Lyceum is an opportunity for you to put just a tiny amount of skin in the game. Your willingness to sign up for a small monthly fee tells me you really want this stuff. It signals to me that I’m doing something worthwhile. And it could provide us the resources to publish more books, write more blogs, host more interviews, and invest more in our own development so we can continue to offer more value back to you. Money doesn’t’ make the world go around, but it sure makes the ride better.

The proceeds for The Lyceum Community will be re-invested into better tools and content for each of the members.

That small amount of skin in the game will better your odds of connecting with other people who are serious about their personal development and invested in helping each other. Facebook is full of free advice. By keeping our membership small, private, and exclusive, we can better the odds that our tribe members will provide more authentic support for each other.

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…for free with no further obligations. 

For the remainder of 2021, we are offering a sliding scale price structure. Basically, you choose what you want to pay. We are considering this year as our “beta-testing” of the new website, so we will roll out new pricing in 2022. You can cancel any time. Terms and conditions will be sent to you before any commitments are made. All of your information is kept confidential and will never be sold to any third party.

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