If You Want Results, You Must Do This!

(Note: This article was originally published on my gym’s blog back in 2017, but was recently mentioned on our podcast here. Have a listen to learn some valuable strategies for tracking metrics!) Your brain is a liar! Our brains lie to us every day. Don’t believe me? Check this out for 10 minutes, or skip […]

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Are you in the groove or in a rut?

In The Groove? Or In a Rut?

Funny; when we feel like we’re winning we describe it as being “in the groove” or “on track”. When we’re feeling loserly, we say we’re “in a rut”. They’re all the same thing. We live life in patterns. The only difference is whether or not the track, groove, or rut is traveling in the direction […]

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A Couple Of Resources More Precious Than Time

A quick Amazon book search yields over 60,000 results for “time management”. There’s been an annoying trend in personal development books for quite some time now: Well known CEOs of huge corporations writing about success principles. I’m annoyed by it because many of them speak in nebulous terms in order to sound intelligent and important […]

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Do you value free speech? Here’s How We Protect It.

(I began writing this article in late December. I had no idea that the censorship debate would be thrust into the flames before this would go live. This article was intended to be a warning, and before I had a chance to publish it, we were all witnesses to the very abuses that I attempted […]

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