Turning Points

Today marks a change in format for our Daily Prompts. The past 60 days have been issued from The Lyceum Method Course Journal. Today, we expand our daily prompts to include introspective practices outside of the specific structure of The Lyceum Method.  -Cody


Enter: Tali…


Every experience, every moment has the potential to change us, sometimes forever. Our understandings can become so ingrained within us that it seems as if they’ll be a part of us as a person forever. But nothing is ever permanent, our memories get skewed over time, and our values are rewritten over and over again. The lessons we learned might have been passed down to us, and sometimes we learn them the hard way for ourselves.

Note a profound lesson you’ve learned.

What beliefs came to be from that instance?

Have you maintained them until now?

If yes, how?

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