Day 12

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Day 12

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The Industrial Revolution accomplished many wonderful things for humanity. It spurred technology that makes it possible to access the world physically by plane, or intellectually through the internet. It’s made it possible for you to be reading this. But it’s done one thing for us that is often overlooked and, in my opinion, is immeasurably destructive.

It trained us to treat each other like machines. I resent the idea that the more efficient and consistent you are, the better human. Somehow, machine-like qualities of production have been taken on as a human virtue. In the gym setting, we even see this said as a compliment; “You’re a machine!”

No. I’m not. And neither are you.

The Lyceum Method is designed to help you achieve what you want in life. And it does prompt you to consistent practices. But within those practices, there is room to breathe. Inhale. Exhale. As a living, growing, changing, organic being. Flesh and blood.

Playing with a new version of your future Vision each morning not only teaches you about yourself as you see patterns emerge and changes occur, but it also frees you to experience more of the potential joys, wonder, and curiosity of an unknown future.

When I began this daily practice, I had a very clear vision.

I was recently divorced and had sold my business. I had owned a gym for 17 years and was ready to move on. My life had changed dramatically in just the previous 6 months, largely due to the practices that I had implemented and now call The Lyceum Method.

My vision at the time was to move to Mexico to begin a writing career. I had made all of the arrangements. I had most of my possessions stored away. I had all I needed to live in one back-pack. I had a one-way ticket to Mexico. A clear path, a solid plan, a vivid Vision. Then it all changed…

The same week I gave notice of my leaving the gym to the new owners, I had two other coaches also give notice. You can read more details about this story in my book; “STOP SETTING GOALS!” but just know that I felt terrible about leaving the new owners short-handed. So I agreed to stay on for another month and help them hire new coaches. One of the coaches we hired was to become my wife! I had no idea at the time, but my vision for the future flipped upside down in a matter of days.

Today, I’m living my dreams. Tali and I live high in the Wallowa Mountains on a beautiful farm where we write, make music, art, and grow our own food. A vast departure from my Vision of 4 years ago, but perfectly in line with my Vision since I met her.

Notice that my vision of writing didn’t change. My vision of freedom didn’t change. My financial dreams didn’t change. But having a fresh perspective on my Vision each morning allowed me to seamlessly change direction without feeling disappointment, shame, or regret. I’ve trained myself, through practice, to anticipate joy. I’ve developed a sense of curiosity about the future, instead of worry. I don’t pin my happiness to a future achievement, I look on in wonder as life unfolds and I direct myself toward a better future by taking one small step toward my vision each day.

In this way, I’m experiencing a sense of progress daily. I’m getting closer to my Vision, but I’m leaving room for wonderful surprises or even a complete change of course.

For today’s practice, pause for a moment and think about the emotion of curiosity. Go into your writing practice almost as if you’re a third-party onlooker. Be curious about what you’re about to write about. Allow it to be different (or the same) as yesterdays’ Vision. What are you going to write about today? You really don’t even know until you write it.

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