Day 27

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Day 27

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To Learn What Steps to Take, Take the Next Step

Trying to map out all the steps between where you are and your vision for the future is the same type of future-projecting trap that traditional goal-setting can set for you. When you prompt yourself to ask each day, “What’s the very next step I can take today to get me closer to my Vision?” you begin to distill for yourself what needs to be done and when.

  • What do you need to make this real? Fitness? Money? Relationships?
  • What skills do you need to cultivate in order to get what you need? Exercise? Budgeting? Vulnerability?
  • What practices and habits will lead to the skills needed?

By taking daily action—working out, balancing your books, sharing your emotions—you begin to reveal more of what you need to become in order to live the life you desire.

So then, Action becomes yet another tool for self-discovery. When you ask yourself; if someone were living out my Vision for the future, what would that person be doing? How would they act? What would they have done to get there?

Don’t get caught up in a thousand steps. If you have lots of ideas for actions that could take you toward your vision, that’s fine. Write them somewhere else. An idea book for your business. An art journal. A note on your phone. Or in the Daily sections of this journal. Get that shit out. But not here. Not on your action page.

Having a to-do list a mile long will only serve to discourage and distract you from progress. Having an entire map written out like we’ve been told to is just a thought practice. It’s often a form of procrastination. And, it’s very difficult (if not impossible) to anticipate all the steps anyway. So, if you have a ton of good ideas, find a way to record them where you feel confident at being able to find them again.

All we want to focus on right now is what you can do right now. Or at least, only what you can easily do today. Don’t list five things you can do today. You’ll only beat yourself up later if you do four out of the five.

Just pick one. One thing that is tangible. One thing that will move you even the slightest bit closer to your Vision. One thing you know you can do today.

Action: (the free PDF below features lined entries for your journal practice)

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