Day 3

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Day 3

Good morning! Welcome back to The Lyceum Method.

There is much more to this than just gratitude, but before we move on, it’s important to develop a practice with this skill. Yes, gratitude is a skill, not just an emotional response. You can cultivate a skill to become better at it and access it more easily. Just like driving a car, you might have to focus and put forth a bit of concentrated effort when first learning. But with practice, it becomes ingrained as part of who you are. Once you’ve spent enough time behind the wheel, you don’t have to think much about how to control the vehicle, it just takes you where you want to go. And so it is with gratitude.

We’re beginning with the practice of gratitude because cultivating this skill serves as the foundation for living a life of satisfaction, love, contentment, connection, worthiness, presence, and fortitude. Gratitude is a bedrock foundation on which you can build your best life. Stick with this, and you’ll see!

Today I specifically want you to think of a luxury that you enjoy and can be grateful for. If you’re in prison, perhaps it’s time to read. If you are ill, perhaps it’s being in a temperature controlled environment. If you’re homeless, perhaps you can be grateful for a bit of music you’ve heard lately.

I’m not using the above examples to be condescending or offensive. I use them to illustrate that most of us reading this have it pretty damned good. And even if we find ourselves in extreme situations like the ones I’ve described, we can usually still find some luxury, some bit of experience outside of necessities to be thankful for.

What is one luxury that you are experiencing right now? Write about it expressing a sense of gratitude.

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