Day 8

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Day 8

Spend a few minutes writing in gratitude, then as we wrap up todays’ session, we’ll begin to create a vision for your future…

Gratitude: (The downloadable PDF below has lined entries)

While practicing gratitude gives us an appreciation for our present, The Lyceum Method is meant to move you forward. So today we begin building your future. Instead of a specific goal to be reached at a specific time and in a specific way, we are going to take a more organic approach.

Today you’ll begin to build a Vision for your life.

I didn’t say future, I said your life. Because right now, I want you to begin to see the things you desire as within reach and as a normal part of the life you have. Your vision is about your future, but I want you to begin to see it in your mind’s “eye” as if you are living it. Feel the emotions of living the life you want. Let’s practice this dance one small step at a time…

Your Perfect Day

We want progress, not perfection. But this is meant to be a fun exercise. Take just a few moments and think about what your perfect day would be like to live out. If you were to magically wake up in the morning and find yourself in your dream world: What time would you wake up? How would you wake up? With an alarm? With kisses? With sun through a window? Where would you wake up? How does your body feel? Fit and energetic? Relaxed and peaceful? Now, set about your activities for the day. Who are they with? Do you enjoy quiet solitude? Are you doing creative work? Travel?

Don’t get caught up in perfection. This is meant to be a fun exercise to help you get to know more about yourself. You are not committing to anything. If I asked you to do this exercise later today or tomorrow, you might come up with something totally different. Take this lightly in your approach, but don’t underestimate the power of this exercise.

Now write out your Perfect Day in as much detail as you have the time and energy for:

Vision: (The downloadable PDF below has lined entries)

You may be surprised that people in your life now are not included in your perfect day. You may not have included your current career or educational path. Maybe your perfect day looked lazy to you. Don’t buy into guilt over any of these things. This exercise is designed to help you get to know yourself better. Have fun with the fantasy for now, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow.

Daily: (The pdf version below contains three lined pages for your daily journal)






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