Welcome To Daily Prompts!

Every Day, we’ll be posting a Daily Prompt. This is an easing of The Lyceum Method into your life.

The Lyceum Method Course Journal will be published soon. In the meantime, we’re giving it to you for free here on this blog, one entry at a time.

Take this Daily Prompt, and sit with it for a few minutes every morning.

If you’d like to play with these ideas in a group setting, check out The Lyceum Community. Share your insights and experiences in a private discussion group of others who are working through this course journal.

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By Cody Limbaugh

Author of STOP SETTING GOALS! and co-founder of The Lyceum. Cody and his wife Tali Zabari both write and create at LoveAllYourLife.com, where they share their adventures in #HardcoreHomesteading and personal development. Join the discussion in The Lyceum Community at LoveAllYourLife.com

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