Day 51

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Day 51

Gratitude: (Spend a few moments writing about the things you’re grateful for. Lined pages are on the PDF below)

Vision: (Write out your vision for the future you want to live. Lined pages are on the PDF below)

Affirmations: (Write out 1-5 affirmations of who you want to be. Lined pages are on the PDF below)

Action: (Write out one simple action step you can take today that brings you closer to your vision Lined pages are on the PDF below)

The more believable you can make your dreams, the more likely you are to do the work necessary to get there. As I said, when I came to expect failure, I became paralyzed. I didn’t want to waste my time doing work I thought was going nowhere. But keep in mind: this is all in hindsight. Back then I was just beating myself up for my lack of self-discipline. My beliefs that were driving my actions were subconsciously rooted. The good news here is that I believe we can take concrete steps to change our subconscious core beliefs. Building belief that your dream life is going to happen is a critical step in making it happen.

In the last few years, Tali and I have put effort into building this vision of our future together. Besides the daily journal practice, one way we’ve been able to build this belief together is through our Vision Board. We see our future every day.

There are many approaches to building a Vision Board. I suggest you find what version works for you and build one. The one we’ve put together is about four feet wide by three feet tall. It’s a used corkboard that we purchased for five dollars at a local resale store. We then began collecting photos that represent, to us, the future we want to cultivate. Most of the photos are ones we’ve taken ourselves. They can be emailed and printed in an hour for about twenty cents each at the local drug store.

We’ve covered every square inch of the board with our dream house, future training achievements, a Mini Cooper, and motorcycle trips. We’ve dipped our toes into these experiences and taken photos along the way. The board represents the future lifestyle we want to live out as our “normal.”

There are a few cutouts from magazines, and a few declarations in words, but most are personal photos. I think this makes it feel more real, more natural. It tells our subconscious, “Hey, we’ve been there, done this. We can do it again!

If you haven’t set an appointment to build your Visions Board, do that now. You might want to break it up into a few appointments. One to brainstorm what you’d like to have on the board. One to gather supplies. One to have a Vision Date with your significant other (or your self!).

Have fun with it! You’re putting pictures on a cork-board, not writing in stone. We take life way too seriously most of the time. Let this be light and fun.

Daily: (The pdf version below contains three lined pages for your daily journal)






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