Day 21

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Day 21

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Be careful about what you assume to be in your direct control. You can affect more than you might think.

For instance, it’s often said that you can’t change other people. But that’s not necessarily true. We change other people all the time. And we are changed by our interactions with other people. In fact, I think we’re changed in subtle ways through every interaction with anyone else.

This is the basis for the idea that. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Because if you were to lay all the parts of a car out on a road, you would not have a viable form of transportation. What makes a car a car is the relationships between all of the parts.

It’s the relationships between parts that are multiplying factors in making up the whole.

When you realize this, you find that you actually can change other people, because you can change yourself. And any change you make to yourself changes your relationship with the other person. And since that person is affected by every interaction with other people, they will also change in response to your relationship with them.

If that felt like too many words, read it again. It’s gold.

So if you want to include in your Affirmations how you want someone else to behave toward you, be sure to include how YOU feel about the positive aspects of how they treat you. Be sure to describe it as if it were happening now.

If you come to believe that someone is treating you better, you might be more likely to treat that person differently as well. Show them gratitude for their relationship to you, and they are more likely to rise to the occasion.

Of course, I’m not suggesting you endure abuse and live in a fantasy. By all means, draw boundaries and enforce them. But don’t underestimate your own power over your life and relationships.

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