Day 52

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Day 52

Gratitude: (Spend a few moments writing about the things you’re grateful for. Lined pages are on the PDF below)

Vision: (Write out your vision for the future you want to live. Lined pages are on the PDF below)

Affirmations: (Write out 1-5 affirmations of who you want to be. Lined pages are on the PDF below)

Action: (Write out one simple action step you can take today that brings you closer to your vision Lined pages are on the PDF below)


We need not give credence to any Law-of-Attraction, woo-woo magic when it comes to creating a Vision Board. If you prefer, look at it as a tool.

  • It’s a learning tool. You can learn a lot about yourself when you step back and look at the overall vision in such a graphic representation. What are you really valuing?
  • It’s a clarifying mirror. I think a Vision Board can be very fluid. You can always change your mind. It’s YOUR vision after all. We had a four-door Mini Cooper up there for a while. But after noticing them around town, we decided we didn’t want it anymore. So it came down off the Vision Board and made room for something we do want. Granting yourself permission to change what you want for your own future is not only liberating, it will teach you about yourself and help to clarify over time your core values.
  • It’s a focusing lense. When you write about your vision daily and see it represented visually every morning and evening, your mind begins to recognize where you’re going and will seek ways in which to get you there. You will notice opportunities that are in line with your vision because you will have focus on that vision.
  • It’s a reward system. It’s a fantastic feeling to take something off the vision board because you’ve been able to attain it. It’s like getting rewarded twice. One reward when you get that thing (or time, or accomplishment, or whatever) and another reward of being able to update the Vision Board. It’s like a self-proclaimed, “Great work! Keep it up!”
  • It’s a connection cord. Building the board with Tali has been a great way for us to feel connected when it comes to the daily grind. It’s much easier to tolerate the work that can separate us when we know we’re each working toward a common vision. I think many couples fall into a trap where one person can feel neglected while the other is feeling overworked. This is a deeper topic than is appropriate for this book, but I can say that while Tali and I share the workload pretty evenly, there’s always a danger of feeling less important than your spouse’s job or vocation when those things become demanding on your time. By creating and continuing to update the Vision Board together, we come together, connect on what we both want, and remind ourselves that the work we’re doing is leading us to somewhere better.
  • It’s a programming system. The more you expose yourself to something, the more “normal” it becomes. Our dream house is a castle. I know that sounds kinda crazy, but there is actually a small castle right in our neighborhood. It was built in the 1880s and is now someone’s home. Before that, it was someone else’s home. Before that it was someone else’s. And after the current residents move out, it will be ours. I have no doubts. I’ve built such a vision for this that it doesn’t even sound far-fetched to me anymore. It’s just the way it is. I can see it. I do see it. I even have dreams at night that take place there. It’s normalized to me.
  • It’s a reminder to empower your internal locus of control. If you have gone through the trouble of creating this Vision Board, and you’re reminded of the vision daily through your journal writing practice and seeing this board, you are admitting to your subconscious that you must have some power over your circumstances. You’re adding, in a small way, to your development of an internal locus of control.
  • It’s a compass. Seeing your vision represented this way and reviewed daily, can begin to stir your creativity in ways to try to lead you toward your vision. It’s like a North Star that can guide you to what your next steps could be.
  • It’s a fun way to make a to-do list. If you let go of the idea that this is cheesy, or a silly waste of time, it can actually be really fun. Put a few smaller, easier to obtain items up there. This is a fun way to build a list of things to get, and I can’t help but think that this will help to further program your brain to achieve more. If you have something simple like a coffee pot up there, then you should have the opportunity to get it and take it off the board, thereby showing your brain what is supposed to happen with ALL of the things on that board—no matter how crazy they seem at first.

Daily: (The pdf version below contains three lined pages for your daily journal)






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