Reluctance to Create

We don’t make sense.

It would seem there’s a whole spectrum of motivations. I say I want certain things, but I resist my own efforts. I feel inspired to train until it’s time to go to the gym.

I hunger to become a writer, but out of my allotted weekly writing time, I estimate my writing to consume a tenth of it.

I fancy myself as an artist, but I’ve averaged one or two sketches per year for the past two decades.

When I want to lay in my lover’s arms, there’s no resistance. When I want to indulge in rich warm food, there’s no hesitation. Consuming is as easy as falling.

Creating… this is where the contradictions lay.

I genuinely want to create. I have yet to identify where the resistance comes from, but it’s there. It’s waiting to present itself until I have an opportunity for it to interrupt. It’s a reactionary force. Not equal- but opposite. There’s no resistance when there’s no creative pull. It’s the water against the hull, which doesn’t resist forward movement until the ship is in motion.

If I were only contented to sit.

But then, how weak I would become!

So there we have it. Resistance makes us stronger.

It’s not a poison, but a necessary ingredient in the recipe for creation.

The water may resist forward motion, but without the friction, no rudder would work. No direction. Nothing to overcome. Pointless.

And so we come to another contradiction; becoming grateful for the resistance that stands between us and our creativity. Thankful for the opportunity to gain strength.

I’m publishing a book soon. In it, I lay out my personal approach to achievement, and how along the way, I’ve discovered the delight to be had in living life more aware of the present, more curious about the future, more connected with people, and more contented with myself.

My path of self discovery will be different from yours, but this book will give you the tools and the foundation upon which you can build your dream life, without losing yourself, your relationships, and your most precious gift: time, to the future.

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By Cody Limbaugh

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